Foto Wiltrud Schreiner
Foto Wiltrud Schreiner
Foto Wiltrud Schreiner
Foto Wiltrud Schreiner
Foto Wiltrud Schreiner

Wiltrud Schreiner Actress

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Nationality Austria

Languages German (mother tongue), English (fluent), French (good)

Born 1967, Steyr, Austria, Upper Austria

Age range 40 - 50

Height 158 cm

Ethnic types Middle Europe

Place of residence Wien - Viennese (Austria)

Possible accommodation: Berlin, München, Köln, Hamburg, Bremen - Berlin (Germany), Linz - Upper Austria (Austria), Salzburg - Salzburg (Austria), Graz - Styria (Austria), Zürich, Bern - Zurich (Switzerland)

Primary occupation Acting

Contact eMail (Office)

0170 - 167 13 74 0170 - 167 13 74 0170 - 167 13 74 Mobile

0421 - 491 95 72 0421 - 491 95 72 0421 - 491 95 72 Phone (Office)

Saarbrückener Str. 19

28211 Bremen


Languages German (mother tongue), English (fluent), French (good)

Dialects Upper Austria (native dialect), Viennese (fluent)

Accents Austrian German (native accent), German (Northern ) (fluent)

Dance Stage dance (very good), Choreography (very good), Foxtrot (very good), Jazz dance (very good), Dance improvisation (very good), Ballroom (good), Modern dance (good), Polka (good), Waltz (good), Ballet (basic), Butoh (Japan) (basic)

Singing Stage singing (good), Chanson (good)

Vocal pitch / Dubbing voice Alto

Musical instruments Guitar (basic)

Sports Swimming (very good), Skiing (very good), Gymnastics (very good), Abseiling (very good), Cycling (very good), Gym (very good), Gymnastics (very good), Roller blading (very good), Jogging (very good), Aerobics (very good), Volleyball (good), Table tennis (good), Trampoline (good), Acrobatics (good), Athletics (good), Handball (good), Bowling (good), Stage fighting (good), Pilates (good), Ice skating (good), Badminton (good), Mountaineering (good), Yoga (basic), Rowing (basic), Rollerskating (basic), Pool (basic), Rock climbing (basic), Soccer (basic), Fencing (basic), Ice skating (basic), Horseback riding (basic)

Driving licences / Other permits Driver’s licence car

Other Skills Improvisation, Workshop director



Age range 40 - 50

Height 158 cm

Build Femminine

Colour of eyes Blue/green

Colour of hair Brown

Twin Yes No

Nudity No Yes, partial Yes, completely

Ethnic types Middle Europe

Training & Awards

1986 - 1989 Acting studies
Konservatorium Wien - Privatuniversität der Stadt (Austria)


CV - Television

2015 - 1970

Der Tote am Teich
Lotus Film

Network/Distributor: ORF

Television film


Nikolaus Leytner

2013 - 1970


Network/Distributor: Fernsehfilm, ZDF/ORF

Television film

Small role

Thorsten C. Fischer

2012 - 1970

Mona Film

Network/Distributor: RTL/ORF

Television series

Ongoing role

Peter Ladkani

CV - Film

2012 - 1970

"So wie gestern"


Feature film (cinema)


Erik Etschel

CV - Theatre

2014 - 1970

Wer hat Angst vor Virginia Woolf?


Alexander Kratzer

2012 - 2012

Jagdszenen aus Niederbayern
Volkstheater Wien


Supporting actor

Shirin Khodadadian

2009 - 2011

faust hat hunger und verschluckt sich an einer grete



Dieter Boyer

2005 - 2006

Endstation Sehnsucht
Bremer Theater



Karin Henkel

CV - Commercials
CV - Audio
CV - Other