Victoria Trauttmansdorff Actress

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Dörte Wiedenbusch, 6-8 DT (Extraklasse): Favourite (08.03.2018) Candidate(s) (01.01.1970)

Frau Schmidt, 4 DT (Love and War): Favourite (08.03.2018) Candidate(s) (01.01.1970)

DI Morgan (Im Tal des Fuchses): Favourite (08.03.2018) Candidate(s) (01.01.1970)

Greta Becklund (SOKO Wismar - 1. Block): Favourite (28.02.2018) Candidate(s) (01.01.1970)

Frau Irmler, 5-6 DT (Nord bei Nordwest): Favourite (13.02.2018) Candidate(s) (01.01.1970)

??? (Sarah Kohr Das verschwundene Kind): Favourite (13.02.2018) Candidate(s) (01.01.1970)

Lillemor (HR) (Inga Lindström - Die vielen Leben der Jette Johannsen): Favourite (08.02.2018) Candidate(s) (01.01.1970)

Chefin, Leiterin der Mordbereitschaft (Danowski - Blutapfel): Favourite (08.02.2018) Candidate(s) (01.01.1970)

Dr. Paola von Jagow (Polizeiruf Magdeburg - Zehn Rosen): Favourite (08.02.2018) Candidate(s) (01.01.1970)

weibl. HR (???): Favourite (01.02.2018) Candidate(s) (01.01.1970)

Maria Preindl, ca. 5-6 DT (Kripo Bozen - Düsteres Schweigen (8)): Favourite (11.01.2018) Candidate(s) (01.01.1970)

??? (Wintermärchen): Favourite (05.01.2018) Candidate(s) (01.01.1970)

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Nationality Germany

Languages German (mother tongue), Dutch (good), English (good), French (good)

Born 1960, Wien

Height 164 cm

Ethnic types Middle Europe

Place of residence Hamburg - Hamburg (Germany)

Possible accommodation Berlin




Languages German (mother tongue), Dutch (good), English (good), French (good)

Vocal pitch / Dubbing voice Soprano

Musical instruments Piano (good)

Sports Skiing (good)

Driving licences / Other permits Driver’s licence car



Height 164 cm

Build Slender

Colour of eyes Brown

Colour of hair Brown

Twin Yes No

Nudity No Yes, partial Yes, completely

Ethnic types Middle Europe

Training & Awards

- Other

Mozarteum, Salzburg


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