Shane Martin Actor, Comedian, Dancer, Presenter (TV), Acrobat, Model

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Versatile trained professional Irish Actor ... (read more)


Nationality Ireland

Languages English (mother tongue), Irish (good), French (good), German (basic), Italian (basic), Spanish (basic)

Born 1988, Ireland

Age range 21 - 33

Height 185 cm

Ethnic types Caucasian

Place of residence Dublin (Ireland)

Possible accommodation London (Great Britain)






Languages English (mother tongue), Irish (good), French (good), German (basic), Italian (basic), Spanish (basic)

Dialects Dublin (native dialect), Ireland (Northern) (fluent), Saxony (fluent), Scottish (fluent), Cockney (good), East Midlands (good), England (East) (good), England (North East) (good), England (North West) (good), England (South East) (good), England (South West) (good), German (Northern) (good), Greater London (good), Wales (good), Yorkshire & Humberside (good), Finland (East) (basic), Finland (South) (basic), Finland (West) (basic)

Accents Dublin (native accent), Irish RP (native accent), British (fluent), Californian (fluent), Caucasian (fluent), English (fluent), Galway (fluent), Irish (fluent), Irish (South) (fluent), Saxon (fluent), Yorkshire (fluent), American (good), American Midwest (good), American Southern States (good), American Western States (good), Australian (good), Bavarian (good), Belfast (good), Birmingham (good), Bradford (good), Canadian (good), Cheshire (good), Cockney (good), Cork (good), East European (good), Edinburgh (good), Essex (good), French (good), French (Canadian) (good), German (good), German (Northern ) (good), Glasgow (good), Hungarian (good), Irish (Northern ) (good), Kerry (good), Leeds (good), Leicester (good), London (good), Manchester (good), Mid-Atlantic (good), Middle Eastern (good), Midlands (East) (good), Midlands West (good), New York (good), New Zealand (good), Norwegian (good), Nottingham (good), Oxfordshire (good), Portuguese (good), Russian (good), Scandinavian (good), Scotland (Central) (good), Scotland-West Coast (good), Scots (Standard) (good), Scottish (good), Sheffield (good), Sunderland (good), Swedish (good), Swiss (good), Texan (good), UK (Northern) (good), Aberdeen (basic), Austrian German (basic), Belgian (basic), Bristol (basic), Cardiff (basic), Caribbean (basic), Catalan (basic), Cornish (basic), Danish (basic), Dutch (basic), East Anglian (basic), Fife (basic), Gloucester (basic), Greek (basic), Highlands (basic), Hull (basic), Maltese (basic), New England (basic), Norfolk (basic), Polish (basic), Sicilian (basic), Somerset (basic), South African (basic), Spanish (basic), Sussex (basic), Welsh (basic), Welsh (Standard) (basic)

Dance Choreography (very good), Dance training (very good), Disco (very good), Salsa (very good), Charleston (good), Classical (good), Dance improvisation (good), Dance theatre (good), Dance competition (good), Foxtrot (good), Interpretive dance (good), Irish dance (good), Jazz dance (good), Period dance (good), Quick step (good), Swing dance (good), Waltz (good), Argentinian tango (basic), Ballroom (basic), Ballroom (basic), Break dancing (basic), Country dance (basic), Dancehall (basic), Flamenco (basic), Folklore dance (basic), Highland dance (basic), Jive (basic), Line dancing (basic), Merengue (basic), Scottish dance (basic), Stage dance (basic), Standard dance (basic), Tango (basic), Tap dance (basic), Two step (basic)

Singing Rock (very good), Jazz (good), Modern (good), Musical (good), Pop (good), Salsa (basic), Stage singing (basic)

Musical instruments Guitar (good), Electric guitar (basic)

Sports Abseiling (very good), Athletics (very good), Ballsport (very good), Basketball (very good), Jogging (very good), Mountaineering (very good), Pool (very good), Stage fighting (very good), Surfing (very good), Swimming (very good), Archery (good), Badminton (good), Bowling (good), Cycling (good), Diving (good), Fishing (good), Gym (good), Ice skating (good), Ice skating (good), Kayak (good), Martial arts (good), Pilates (good), Rock climbing (good), Shooting (good), Skiing (good), Spinning (good), Sword fighting (good), Tai-Chi (good), Volleyball (good), Yoga (good), Acrobatics (basic), Aerobics (basic), Aikido (basic), Billiards (basic), Boxing (basic), Canoe (basic), Fencing (basic), Golf (basic), Gymnastics (basic), Gymnastics (basic), Handball (basic), Jiu-Jitsu (basic), Judo (basic), Juggling (basic), Kick boxing (basic), Marathon (basic), Motocross (basic), Mountain biking (basic), Rowing (basic), Rugby (basic), Soccer (basic), Taekwondo (basic), Tai-Chi Chuan (basic), Tennis (basic)

Driving licences / Other permits Driver’s licence car, Driver’s licence tractor, Driver’s licence van/truck

Other Skills Alexander Technique, Artistic Director, Clown, Director, First aid, Improvisation, Narration, Pilates, Poker, Story telling, Stunts, Workshop director



Age range 21 - 33

Height 185 cm

Build Medium build

Colour of eyes Blue/green/grey

Colour of hair Dark brown

Twin Yes No

Look-alike chris pratt

Special physical characteristics athletic

Nudity No Yes, partial Yes, completely

Ethnic types Caucasian

Training & Awards

2010 - 2014 Acting studies
BA in Performing Arts at the Institute of Technology Sligo (Ireland)

2008 - Workshop
Gaiety School of Acting (Ireland)


CV - Television

2016- 2017


Network/Distributor: History

Television series

Saxon Soldier
Guest role

Micheal hirst

2016- 2017

Day I Didn't Die
Peninsula tv

Network/Distributor: CBS TV3

Television series

Knut Freydenland
Actor in episode

Hilary Smyth

CV - Film

2014- 2015



Feature film (cinema)

Daniel Smith
Small role

Grand Explorer

CV - Theatre

2016- 2017

Morbid Manor


Member of ensemble

Unlocked Vision

2015- 2016

Centenary players


Willie Pearse joseph plunkett

Kevin O Malley

CV - Commercials





CV - Audio
CV - Other