Foto Sandra Strutz
Foto Sandra Strutz
Foto Sandra Strutz
Foto Sandra Strutz
Foto Sandra Strutz

Sandra Strutz Actress

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spielwütig, harmoniebedürftig und pflegeleicht ... (read more)


Nationality Germany

Languages German (mother tongue), English (good), French (good), Spanish (good)

Born 1988, Hamburg, Germany, Hamburg

Age range 22 - 28

Height 174 cm

Ethnic types Middle Europe

Place of residence Norderstedt - Schleswig-Holstein (Germany)

Possible accommodation: Hamburg - Hamburg (Germany), Großgmain - Salzburg (Austria), Pullach/München - Bavaria (Germany)

Real name Sandra Strutz

Primary occupation Acting



Contact eMail (private)

Krückauweg 9

22851 Norderstedt


Languages German (mother tongue), English (good), French (good), Spanish (good)

Dialects Low German (native dialect), Berlin (good)

Accents Spanish (good), Russian (good), French (good), English (good)

Dance Dance theatre (very good), Musical (very good), Choreography (very good), Interpretive dance (very good), Ballet (good)

Singing Chanson (very good), Stage singing (very good), Blues (very good), Ballad (very good), A Cappella (very good), Choral Singing (very good), Traditional folk (very good), Rock (very good), Soul (very good), Pop song (very good), Pop (very good), Modern (very good), Cabaret (very good), Musical (good)

Vocal pitch / Dubbing voice Mezzo soprano

Musical instruments Guitar (good), African Drums (basic), Bass guitar (basic), Bongo drums (basic), Violin (basic), Keyboards (basic), Harmonica (basic), Drums (basic), Organ (basic)

Sports Gymnastics (very good), Jogging (very good), Horseback riding (very good), Gym (very good), Boxing (very good), Fencing (very good), Volleyball (very good), Gymnastics (very good), Aerobics (good), Roller blading (good), Athletics (good), Showjumping (good), Tai-Chi (basic), Basketball (basic), Yoga (basic), Skateboarding (basic), Swimming (basic), Ice skating (basic), Pilates (basic), Canoe (basic), Hockey (basic), Handball (basic), Soccer (basic), Unicycle (basic), Darts (basic), Stage fighting (basic), Bowling (basic), Billiards (basic), Surfing (basic)

Driving licences / Other permits Driver’s licence car

Other Skills Poet, Story telling, Improvisation, Painting



Age range 22 - 28

Height 174 cm

Build Athletic

Colour of eyes Blue/grey

Colour of hair Dark blonde

Hair style wavy long

Twin Yes No

Look-alike Meiner Schwester :D

Special physical characteristics Muttermale, slawische Augen

Nudity No Yes, partial Yes, completely

Ethnic types Middle Europe


Training & Awards

2010 - 2013 Acting studies
Freie Schauspielschule Hamburg (Germany)
Rollendozenten u.a.: Wolfgang Krassnitzer, Jürgen Lederer, Zoltan Spirandelli, Thomas Karallus, Jörg Bräuer

1999 - 2009 Other

Abitur am naturwissenschaftlichem Gymnasium Lise-Meitner


CV - Television

2007 - 1970

Richter Alexander Hold
Constantin Entertainment

Network/Distributor: SAT1

Television show

weiß ich nicht mehr :)
Supporting actor


CV - Film
CV - Theatre

2013 - 2013

Kommune der Wahrheit: Die Wirklichkeitsmaschiene
Thalia Theater Hamburg


Supporting actor

Nicolas Stemann

2012 - 2014

Faust I+II
Thalia Theater Hamburg

Thalia Theater Hamburg


Special extra

Nicolas Stemann

CV - Commercials

2012 - 1970


Network/Distributor: Internetspot


Actor in episode

Erfan Talimi

2012 - 1970

Bremedia Produktion GmbH RB - Radio Bremen

Network/Distributor: Bremedia Produktion GmbH RB

Image film



CV - Audio
CV - Other