Foto Salvatore Benintende
Foto Salvatore Benintende
Foto Salvatore Benintende
Foto Salvatore Benintende
Foto Salvatore Benintende

Salvatore Benintende Actor

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Aspiring Italian actor, entertainer and businessman, born and raised in Germany, host of Italy's biggest independent Open Mic Network (Open Mic Rome) and co-founder of Vandi Design, a dutch-Italian mu ... (read more)


Nationality Italy

Languages German (mother tongue), English (fluent), Italian (fluent), High German (Middle) (fluent), Spanish (basic), French (basic)

Born 1982, Hechingen, Germany, Baden-Wurttemberg

Age range 31 - 37

Height 178 cm

Ethnic types Caucasian, White

Place of residence Rome - Latium (Italy), Hechingen - Baden-Wurttemberg (Germany)

Possible accommodation: Leeuwarden (Netherlands), New York (USA), Dublin (Ireland)

Primary occupation Music

Additional occupations Dubbing, Music, Acting, Singing, Presentation



Contact eMail (Office)

yapunk yapunk yapunk Skype

Circonvallazione Casilina

00176 Rome


Languages German (mother tongue), English (fluent), Italian (fluent), High German (Middle) (fluent), Spanish (basic), French (basic)

Dialects Swabian (native dialect)

Accents Bavarian (basic), Italian (basic), German (basic), French (basic), English (basic), American (basic), Colognian (basic), British (basic), Austrian German (basic)

Dance Dance improvisation (basic), Merengue (basic), Salsa (basic)

Singing Rock (very good), Folk (very good), Traditional folk (very good), Pop (good), Pop song (good), Country (good), Stage singing (good), Blues (good), A Cappella (basic), Modern (basic), Punk (basic), Soul (basic)

Vocal pitch / Dubbing voice Baritone

Musical instruments Bass guitar (good), Electric guitar (good), Guitar (good), Keyboards (good), Organ (good), Piano (good), Bass (good), Percussion (good), Harmonica (basic), Mandolin (basic), Saxophone (basic), Drums (basic), Accordion (basic)

Sports Cycling (very good), Jogging (very good), Ballsport (good), Gym (good), Handball (good), Mountain biking (good), Soccer (basic), Athletics (basic), Swimming (basic), Marathon (basic), Horseback riding (basic), Darts (basic), Bowling (basic), Billiards (basic), Basketball (basic)

Driving licences / Other permits Driver’s licence scooter, Driver’s licence tractor, Driver’s licence car

Other Skills Composer, Artistic Director, Narration, Computer expert



Age range 31 - 37

Height 178 cm

Build Athletic

Colour of eyes Green

Colour of hair Brown

Hair style curly medium long

Twin Yes No

Look-alike Bob Dylan

Nudity No Yes, partial Yes, completely

Ethnic types Caucasian, White



CV - Television

2004 - 1970



Person sitting at bar

Herwig Fischer, Wolfgang Frank, Kerstin Krause, Dominikus Probst

1992 - 1970

ZDF Fernsehgarten


Part of the choir "Sankt Jakobus Chorknaben"
Member of ensemble

Pit Weyrich

CV - Film
CV - Theatre

2015 - 2016

Steven Brown Show

Theater Laboratory "Teatro Comico Furio Camillo"

Paolo Scannavino

CV - Commercials

2005 - 1970

Press Material (commercials for press only) of upcoming Opel OPC vehicles


Translator, Model

General Motors / Opel OPC

CV - Audio

2014 - 1970

Alice TV


Various Roles for different episodes of Alice TV in German, e.g. narrator of "Antiche dimore", "Home Sweet Home", "Adagio con Gusto"

Edwin Alexander Francis

CV - Other