Foto Roberta Barberi
Foto Roberta Barberi

Roberta Barberi Actress

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Nationality Italy

Languages Italian (mother tongue), English (good), Spanish (basic)

Born 1989

Age range 18 - 23

Height 173 cm

Ethnic types Anglo-Saxon, Mediterranean (fair)

Place of residence Roma - Latium (Italy)



Languages Italian (mother tongue), English (good), Spanish (basic)

Dialects Latium (native dialect), Venetia (fluent), Campania (basic)

Accents Italian (native accent)

Dance Samba (very good), Salsa (very good), Rumba (very good), Musical (very good), Merengue (very good), Hip hop (very good), Modern dance (very good), Classical (very good), Latin American dance (very good), Jazz dance (very good), Jive (good), Tap dance (basic)

Singing A Cappella (very good), Cabaret (very good), Stage singing (very good), Traditional folk (very good), Modern (very good), Musical (very good), Pop (very good), Soul (very good)

Sports Swimming (very good)

Driving licences / Other permits Driver’s licence car

Other Skills Dance teacher



Age range 18 - 23

Height 173 cm

Build Femminine

Colour of eyes Green

Colour of hair Blonde

Twin Yes No

Look-alike Laura Chiatti

Nudity No Yes, partial Yes, completely

Ethnic types Anglo-Saxon, Mediterranean (fair)

Training & Awards

2011 - 2012 Acting studies
Scuola di cinema (Italy)
Diploma in Attore Cine-Televisivo

2011 - 2013 Other

Conseguimento del titolo di Maestro di Danze Caraibiche in FIDS

2006 - 2013 Other

Studio di discipline del canto con Lello Abate, Giancarlo Teodori, Annalisa Cucchiara, Luca Notari

2004 - 2009 Other

Studio delle discipline di Recitazione, Dizione e Musical con Simone Colombari, Massimiliano Buzzanca, Giorgio Raucci, Annalisa Cucchiara, Gianluca Cucchiara

2001 - 2010 Other

Studio delle discipline di Danza: Jazz, Moderna, Hip-Hop con Gilberto Nati e Caterina Sguazzini

2009 Concorso "Proposta per Sanremo" (Italy) - Nomination- Award


CV - Television


Che Dio ci aiuti (Serie televisiva, 2011)
Lux Vide

Network/Distributor: Rai Uno

Television series

Actor in episode

Francesco Vicario

CV - Film
CV - Theatre

2009- 2010

“L’altra Cenerentola” di Tony Cucchiara
Giò & Giò



Tony Cucchiara

CV - Commercials
CV - Audio
CV - Other