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"Warm welcome! - I am a German- and English-speaking actor and TV actor with the talent for special character roles and am an open and strong personality. For the role of the war correspondent Eric in ... (read more)


Nationality Austria

Languages German (mother tongue), Other Germanic languages (fluent), English (fluent)

Born 1973, Wien, Austria, Viennese

Age range 33 - 40

Height 187 cm

Ethnic types Germanic, Middle Europe, Caucasian

Place of residence Wien - Viennese (Austria)

Possible accommodation Berlin - Berlin (Germany), Prague (Czech Republic), London (Great Britain), Los Angeles (USA), München (Germany)



Languages German (mother tongue), Other Germanic languages (fluent), English (fluent)

Dialects Viennese (native dialect), Austrian (native dialect), Lower Austria (good)

Accents Austrian German (native accent), Arabic (good), English (good), Indian (good), American Western States (good), American (good), British (good), East European (good), Russian (good)

Dance Waltz (very good), Ballroom (good), Cha cha cha (good), Foxtrot (good), Free dance (good), Ballroom (good), Period dance (good), Period ballroom dance (good), Jive (good), Quick step (good), Rumba (good), Samba (good), Standard dance (good), Tango (good), Dance training (good), Dance improvisation (good)

Vocal pitch / Dubbing voice Tenor

Sports Abseiling (very good), Sword fighting (very good), Stage fighting (very good), Shooting (very good), Fencing (good), Weights (good), Martial arts (good), Krav Maga (good), Swimming (good), Sailing (good), Diving (good), Yoga (good)

Driving licences / Other permits Driver’s licence car

Other Skills Stunts, Director, Story telling, Improvisation, Artistic Director, Workshop director, Narration



Age range 33 - 40

Height 187 cm

Build Corpulent

Colour of eyes Blue

Colour of hair Dark blonde

Hair style bald

Twin Yes No

Special physical characteristics Bald (shaved) NO Tattoos, NO Piercings + + + Glatze (rasiert) - KEINE Tattoos, KEINE Piercings.

Nudity No Yes, partial Yes, completely

Ethnic types Germanic, Middle Europe, Caucasian

Training & Awards

2017 - Other

Narrators Coaching (Nikola Vodicka, regularly)

2016 - 2017 Other

Narrators Training (Nikola Vodicka)

2012 - Other

Meisner Acting Coaching (Dunja Toth, regularly)

1993 - 1997 Acting studies
Konservatorium der Stadt Wien für Musik, Tanz und Schauspiel (Austria)
M. A. (Mag. Art.)

2008 Audience Choice Award for "Best Actor" - Cine de Internacional de Ourense (OUFF) (Spain) - Nomination- Award
for Lead (Fish Attack (Audition Choice Award - Cine de Internacional de Ourense -OUFF))


CV - Television
CV - Film

2016- 2017

The return of the Ding


arrogant Mayor - arroganter Bürgermeister
Supporting actor

Aurel Hutter


Dead End
Filmcut Filmproduction


Feature film (cinema)

bribed Police Chief - korrupter Polizeichef

Max Hamersky


Fish Attack (Audition Choice Award - Cine de Internacional de Ourense -OUFF)


Feature film (cinema)

wounded War Journalist - verwundeter Kriegsberichterstatter

Nicolas Neuhold


Der Bockerer 2
Epo Film

Network/Distributor: Constantin Film

Feature film (cinema)

bad savage Russian Boarder Guard - Rüder brutaler russischer Grenzwache
Small role

Franz Antel

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CV - Other