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Foto Rachael Murphy
Foto Rachael Murphy
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Rachael Murphy Actress

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Rachael Patricia Murphy is an Australian-born actress and model living in Hollywood, California. Rachael grew up in the coastal city of Wollongong, south of Sydney. Her passion for performing arts beg ... (read more)


Nationality Australia, Great Britain, USA

Languages English (mother tongue), English – American (fluent), English – British (fluent)

Born Australia

Age range 25 - 35

Height 172 cm

Ethnic types Anglo-Saxon, White, Caucasian

Place of residence Los Angeles (USA)

Possible accommodation: London (Great Britain)

Real name Rachael Murphy

Primary occupation Acting

Additional occupations Model

Memberships SAG-AFTRA (USA)
MEAA - Actors Equity Australia (Australia)


Languages English (mother tongue), English – American (fluent), English – British (fluent)

Accents Australian (native accent), Texan (fluent), South African (fluent), New Zealand (fluent), English (fluent), American (fluent), American Southern States (fluent), American Western States (fluent), British (fluent), Scottish (good), American Midwest (good)

Dance Disco (good), Jive (good), Line dancing (good), Period ballroom dance (good), Quick step (good), Rumba (good), Salsa (good), Samba (good), Tango (good), Waltz (good), Latin American dance (good), Country dance (good), Ballroom (good)

Sports Jogging (very good), Aerobics (very good), Yoga (good), Baseball (good), Bowling (good), Boxing (good), Cricket (good), Gym (good), Archery (good), Kick boxing (good), Netball (good), Pilates (good), Spinning (good), Swimming (good), Skiing (basic), Snowboarding (basic)

Driving licences / Other permits Driver’s licence car

Other Skills Improvisation, Narration, Pilates



Age range 25 - 35

Height 172 cm

Build Athletic

Colour of eyes Green

Colour of hair Brown

Hair style straight long

Twin Yes No

Look-alike Billie Piper

Nudity No Yes, partial Yes, completely

Ethnic types Anglo-Saxon, White, Caucasian



CV - Television

2015 - 1970

Cry Wolfe
Karma Seven Pictures

Network/Distributor: Investigation Discovery

Television series

Star of episode

Jeff Daniels

2014 - 1970

The Numbers Game
Goodbye Pictures & National Geographic Television.

Network/Distributor: National Geographic Television

Television series

Actor in episode

Michael Rucker

2008 - 1970

The Bold and the Beautiful
Bell-Phillip Television Productions

Network/Distributor: Columbia Broadcasting System (USA)

Television series

Forrester Model

Michael Stich

2008 - 1970

Hands Down Entertainment, Ryan Murphy Productions, Stu Segall Productions & Warner Bros. Television.

Network/Distributor: Warner Bros. Television & FX Network (USA).

Television series

Agent #4

Dirk Craft

2007 - 1970

America's Most Smartest Model
51 Minds

Network/Distributor: VH1/MTV

Reality show

Aussie Rachael
Member of ensemble

Zach Kopek

CV - Film

2013 - 1970

Like a Bat Outta Hell
Forescene Films

Network/Distributor: Crystal sky Multimedia & Forescene Films.

Feature film (cinema)


Danial Donai

2014 - 1970

Exit 13
KoolKamp Productions

Network/Distributor: KoolKamp Productions

Feature film (cinema)

Supporting actor

Andretti Dante

2014 - 1970

Chasing Denzel

Network/Distributor: Independent

Short film


Michael King

2009 - 1970

Don't Look Up
Distant Horizon, Action 5, Reel Deal Entertainment, Hakuhodo DY Media Partners & Video Vision Entertainment.

Network/Distributor: E1 Entertainment, Koch Media & Mongkol Major.

Feature film (cinema)

Lila Kis
Supporting actor

Fruit Chan

CV - Theatre
CV - Commercials
CV - Audio
CV - Other