Foto Manuela Stoerzer
Foto Manuela Stoerzer
Foto Manuela Stoerzer
Foto Manuela Stoerzer
Foto Manuela Stoerzer

Manuela Stoerzer Actress

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Having a good time and sharing it. My goal is to inspire people. Successfully burnt-out business woman starts acting at 45. Acting is play for me, a metaphor for life ... ... (read more)


Nationality Germany

Languages German (mother tongue), English (fluent), Spanish (fluent), French (good)

Born 1965, Neckarbischofsheim, Germany, Baden-Wurttemberg

Age range 39 - 50

Height 175 cm

Ethnic types Caucasian

Place of residence Palma de Mallorca - Balearic Islands (Spain)

Possible accommodation: Munich - Bavaria (Germany), Stuttgart - Baden-Wurttemberg (Germany), Los Angeles (USA), Las Vegas (USA), Valencia - Valencia (Spain), Madrid - Madrid (Spain)

Real name Manuela Stoerzer

Primary occupation Acting

Additional occupations Presentation, Model

Contact eMail (Office)

+34 615 407 764 +34 615 407 764 +34 615 407 764 Phone (Office)

off the beaten track, S.L. Calle de la Font, 53

07310 Campanet Islas Balneares


Languages German (mother tongue), English (fluent), Spanish (fluent), French (good)

Dialects Baden (native dialect), Bavaria (fluent)

Accents American (good), Californian (basic)

Dance Dance improvisation (very good), Disco (very good), Free dance (very good), African dance (contemporary) (good), Ballroom (basic), Salsa (basic), Samba (basic), Waltz (basic), Cha cha cha (basic), Flamenco (basic)

Singing Modern (basic)

Vocal pitch / Dubbing voice Mezzo soprano

Musical instruments African Drums (basic), Ukulele (basic), Piano (basic)

Sports Skiing (very good), Snowboarding (very good), Aerobics (very good), Swimming (very good), Pilates (very good), Kayak (very good), Yoga (very good), Abseiling (good), Canoe (good), Ice skating (good), Jogging (good), Weights (good), Rock climbing (good), Tai-Chi Chuan (good), Darts (basic), Cycling (basic), Windsurfing (basic), Deltaplan (basic), Archery (basic), Kung fu (basic), Golf (basic), Hang gliding (basic), Horseback riding (basic), Shooting (basic)

Driving licences / Other permits Pilot licence, Driver’s licence motorbike, Driver’s licence car

Other Skills Stunts, Story telling, Pilates, Painting, Improvisation, Alexander Technique, Translator, Workshop director, First aid



Age range 39 - 50

Height 175 cm

Build Slender

Colour of eyes Blue

Colour of hair Blonde

Hair style curly medium long

Twin Yes No

Special physical characteristics big smile+great teeth, "brazilian butt"

Nudity No Yes, partial Yes, completely

Ethnic types Caucasian

Training & Awards

2014 - 2014 Acting studies
Acting Workshop with Tony Bestard at LADAT (Spain)
Acting and cooperation with the director

2014 - 2014 Other

Improv Trampa Teatro, Palma de Mallorca

2011 - 2012 Other

Joe Giampapa Liquid Acting, Reno, NV

2008 Other

Mizner Workshop MFA, Mallorca

2007 Other

Escuela de Pajazzos, Palma de Mallorca

2000 - 2000 Other

Mental Power, Freitag Coaching, Munich


CV - Television

2010 - 1970

Ziegler Film

Network/Distributor: ZDF

Television film

Der Fan
Actor in episode

Wolf Gremm

2010 - 1970

Lügen haben linke Hände
Regina Ziegler Filmproduktion

Network/Distributor: ARD

Television film

Actor in episode

Thomas Nennstiel

2010 - 1970

Das perfekte Dinner
Granada Film

Network/Distributor: VOX

Television show

Spiritual cook
Guest role

zuständiger Redakteur

2009 - 2009

Flamenco Documentary
Michael Beattie Productions

Network/Distributor: none yet

Documentary film

Member of ensemble

John T. Davis

2006 - 1970

Little Britain
Palma Pictures

Network/Distributor: British TV


Guests at bar
Member of ensemble

dont remember

1989 - 1970

Die Lindenstraße
Bavaria Film, Munich

Network/Distributor: ARD

Television series

Actor in episode

Herwig Fischer

CV - Film

2012 - 1970

The Absense of Strangers


Road movie

Actor in episode

Al White

CV - Theatre
CV - Commercials

2008 - 1970

French Mineral Water
Palma Pictures

Network/Distributor: French TV


Stressed-out business woman
Actor in episode

Natalie Caruor

2007 - 2007

Mallorca Imagefilm

Network/Distributor: Tourism Fair London and Berlin

Image film

Member of ensemble

Natalia Nieto

2006 - 1970

Pagen Danish Breakfastbread
Palma Pictures

Network/Distributor: Diff. Danish tv stations


Actor in episode

Matthew Clard

2005 - 1970

Spiess Touroperator

Network/Distributor: Diff. Danish tv stations


Actor in episode

Swedish Director

CV - Audio
CV - Other

2015 - 1970

Letters to Paul Morrissey (2015) (filming)
Armand Roviera


Short film

Ongoing role

Armand Roviera