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Foto Luigi Biava

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Nationality Italy

Languages Italian (mother tongue), English (fluent), English – American (fluent), Spanish (basic)

Born 1987, roma, Italy, Latium

Age range 25 - 33

Height 180 cm

Ethnic types White

Place of residence Roma - Latium (Italy)

Possible accommodation: Palermo - Sicily (Italy), Milano - Lombardy (Italy)

Real name Luigi Biava

Primary occupation Acting

Memberships ENPALS - Ente Nazionale di Previdenza e di Assistenza per i Lavoratori dello Spettacolo (Italy)


Languages Italian (mother tongue), English (fluent), English – American (fluent), Spanish (basic)

Dialects Latium (native dialect)

Accents Sicilian (good)

Dance Show dance (very good), Urban dance (good), Dance training (good), Dance theatre (good), Choreography (good), Modern dance (good), Dance improvisation (good), Stage dance (good), Ballet (basic), Classical (basic)

Singing Stage singing (basic), Traditional folk (basic), Classical (basic), Choral Singing (basic)

Vocal pitch / Dubbing voice Baritone

Sports Rugby (very good), Swimming (very good), Motorbiking (very good), Ballsport (very good), Gymnastics (very good), Skiing (good), Weights (good), Tennis (good), Archery (good), Table tennis (good), Canoe (good), Rollerskating (good), Soccer (good), Volleyball (good), Handball (good), Bowling (good), Stage fighting (good), Boxing (good), Ice skating (basic), Billiards (basic), Martial arts (basic), Acrobatics (basic), Rowing (basic), Fencing (basic), Sword fighting (basic), Basketball (basic), Shooting (basic), Karate (basic), Yoga (basic), Jogging (basic), Diving (basic), Darts (basic), Cycling (basic)

Driving licences / Other permits Driver’s licence car, Driver’s licence motorbike, Driver’s licence scooter

Other Skills Pantomime, Story telling, Improvisation, Narration



Age range 25 - 33

Height 180 cm

Build Corpulent

Colour of eyes Blue

Colour of hair Blonde

Hair style wavy medium long

Twin Yes No

Nudity No Yes, partial Yes, completely

Ethnic types White

Training & Awards

2012 - 2015 Acting studies
Accademia d'Arte Drammatica del Lazio (Italy)
Accademia Nazionale d'Arte Drammatica Silvio D'Amico


CV - Television

2014 - 1970

Colpo di scena

Network/Distributor: R.A.I.

Television show

Small role

Fabio Masi

CV - Film
CV - Theatre

2016 - 1970

Dream of Dreams


Maschera larvale, direttore d'orchestra
Member of ensemble

Giovanni Firpo

2015 - 1970

Pericle principe di Tiro

ruoli: Taliardo l’assassino, il ciambellano alla corte di re Simonide, un pirata, un portantino, un gentiluomo al seguito di Pericle
Member of ensemble

Lorenzo Salveti

2015 - 1970

Altamente volatile

(ruoli: assistente capo scout maschio, capo della vigilanza di quartiere
Member of ensemble

Massimiliano Civica

2014 - 1970

I duellanti

Dance theatre


Federico Benvenuto, Luigi Biava, Lavinia Carpentieri

2014 - 1970

Le cirque humain


Member of ensemble

Anna Marchesini

2012 - 1970

Cit(t)azioni performance di teatro danza

Member of ensemble

Monica Vannucchi

2011 - 1970

Rinoceronti a Roma

Ruolo: il poeta
Member of ensemble

Thomas Otto Zinzi

CV - Commercials
CV - Audio
CV - Other