Foto Laura Mancinelli
Foto Laura Mancinelli
Foto Laura Mancinelli
Foto Laura Mancinelli
Foto Laura Mancinelli

Laura Mancinelli Actress

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Hi everybody! My name is Laura Mancinelli and I'm a cheerful, eccentric and strong-minded actress from Italy. If you want to feel very strong emotions, you have to call me for audition as soon as poss ... (read more)


Nationality Italy

Languages Italian (mother tongue), English (good), German (good)

Born 1986, Chieti, Italy, Abruzzo

Age range 23 - 35

Height 178 cm

Ethnic types Germanic, Scandinavian, Slavic/Eastern European, Middle Europe, White

Place of residence London (Great Britain)

Possible accommodation Roma - Latium (Italy)

Real name Laura Mancinelli

Memberships ENPALS - Ente Nazionale di Previdenza e di Assistenza per i Lavoratori dello Spettacolo (Italy)
Collocamento dello spettacolo (Italy)


Languages Italian (mother tongue), English (good), German (good)

Dialects Abruzzo (native dialect)

Accents Italian (native accent)

Dance Belly dance (very good), Disco (very good), Burlesque (good), Hip hop (good), Modern dance (good), Free dance (good), Dance improvisation (good), Show dance (good), Classical (basic)

Singing Pop (good), Hip hop / rap (good)

Vocal pitch / Dubbing voice Mezzo soprano

Musical instruments Flute (very good), Piano (very good)

Sports Athletics (very good), Baseball (very good), Jogging (very good), Swimming (very good), Aerobics (very good), Gym (very good), Cycling (very good), Gymnastics (very good), Table tennis (good), Volleyball (good), Billiards (good), Rollerskating (good), Bowling (good), Soccer (basic)

Driving licences / Other permits Driver’s licence car

Other Skills Improvisation, Painting



Age range 23 - 35

Height 178 cm

Build Slender

Colour of eyes Blue

Colour of hair Light brown

Hair style wavy long

Twin Yes No

Special physical characteristics mole near the mouth and Venus squint-eyed

Nudity No Yes, partial Yes, completely

Ethnic types Germanic, Scandinavian, Slavic/Eastern European, Middle Europe, White


Training & Awards

2012 - 2013 Other

Singing lessons with baritone Christian Starinieri

2010 - 2010 Acting studies
Master class diretto da Giovanni Veronesi (Italy)

2009 - 2009 Other

Directing workshop with director Stefano Bessoni

2006 - 2006 Other

Living Theatre acting training with Judith Malina and Hanon Reznikov

2005 - 2005 Other

Acting and dubbing workshop with actor/dubber Pino Insegno

2005 - 2005 Workshop
Ennio Coltorti (Italy)

2003 - 2004 Other

Acting/Dubbing training with actors/dubbers Roberto Pedicini and Cristian Iansante

2001 - 2002 Other

Drama school "Tecniche dello Spettacolo (Stage techniques)" with Claretta Carotenuto

1999 - 2002 Other

Marrucino Theatre Drama School with director Sabatino Ciocca

1996 - 2001 Other

Piano lessons and tonic sol-fa


CV - Television
CV - Film


Rapporto di un regista su alcune giovani attrici (Report of a director about some young actresses)


Feature film (cinema)

Marta's lover
Supporting actor

Roger A. Fratter


Voglia di stupirsi (Desire to be amazed)


Short film

Betty, a single mother keen about chat lines

Andrea Mugnaini


Sogni (Dreams)


Short film

A housewife addicted by soap operas

Matteo Veleno

CV - Theatre


Donne al sepolcro (Women at the tomb)
Teatro Marrucino - Chieti


Lady Pilato, Ponzio Pilato's wife

Sabatino Ciocca


Dialoghi delle Carmelitane e Barabba (Dialogues of the Carmelites and Barabba)
Teatro Marrucino - Chieti


Sister Valentina of the Cross, nun of aristocratic birth
Supporting actor

Sabatino Ciocca

CV - Commercials


Amori paralleli (Simultaneous loves)
Les Films JMP - Jean Marie Pallardy


Image film

Catherine, determined brave woman and lap-dancer
Supporting actor

Jean Marie Pallardy

CV - Audio
CV - Other