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Foto Kévin J. Ziane

Kévin J. Ziane Actor

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His stillness intensity to his explosive energy, Kevin J. Ziane is known for being an unpredictable French actor. Concerned about spiritual and positive energies in reel life, that is what so contradi ... (read more)


Nationality France

Languages French (mother tongue)

Born Paris, France, Île de France

Age range 25 - 35

Ethnic types Caucasian

Primary occupation Acting


Languages French (mother tongue)

Sports Weights (very good), Gym (good), Thai boxing (good), Horseback riding (basic), Baseball (basic), Karate (basic), Rugby (basic), Swimming (basic)



Age range 25 - 35

Colour of eyes Green

Colour of hair Brown/Black

Twin Yes No

Nudity No Yes, partial Yes, completely

Ethnic types Caucasian



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