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Kathrine Barnes Actress

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For a full resume, please contact me or Marius Bargielski at Metropolis Artists Agency. ... (read more)


Nationality USA

Languages English – American (mother tongue), Italian (good)

Born 1990, USA

Age range 17 - 27

Height 173 cm

Ethnic types White, Mediterranean (fair), Scandinavian, Slavic/Eastern European

Place of residence New York (USA), Providence, RI (USA)

Possible accommodation Atlanta, GA (USA), Auburn, AL (USA), Oxford (Great Britain), L'Aquila - Abruzzo (Italy), Athens (Greece), Sydney (Australia), Rome (Italy), Sangerhausen - Saxony-Anhalt (Germany), Tel Aviv (Israel)






Languages English – American (mother tongue), Italian (good)

Dialects Greater London (good)

Accents American (native accent), New England (native accent), American Midwest (fluent), American Southern States (fluent), American Western States (fluent), Canadian (fluent), English (good), New York (good), Australian (good), French (basic)

Dance Jazz dance (very good), Musical (very good), Standard dance (very good), Tap dance (very good), Ballet (good), Classical (good), Modern dance (good), Period ballroom dance (good), Period dance (good), Rock 'n' roll (good), Stage dance (good), Waltz (good), African dance (contemporary) (basic)

Singing A Cappella (very good), Ballad (very good), Blues (very good), Cabaret (very good), Country (very good), Jazz (very good), Musical (very good), Punk (very good), Rock (very good), Stage singing (very good), Choral Singing (good), Pop (good), Pop song (good)

Vocal pitch / Dubbing voice Mezzo soprano

Musical instruments Brass instruments (very good), Horn (very good), Ukulele (good), Keyboards (basic), Piano (basic), Violin (basic)

Sports Skiing (very good), Soccer (very good), Bowling (good), Cycling (good), Jogging (good), Pool (good), Rock climbing (good), Shooting (good), Stage fighting (good), Swimming (good), Water-skiing (good), Yoga (good), Archery (basic), Badminton (basic), Baseball (basic), Basketball (basic), Billiards (basic), Scuba Diving (basic), Fishing (basic), Horseback riding (basic), Ice skating (basic), Roller blading (basic), Snowboarding (basic)

Driving licences / Other permits Driver’s licence car

Other Skills Poker



Age range 17 - 27

Height 173 cm

Build Slender

Colour of eyes Green

Colour of hair Brown/Black

Twin Yes No

Nudity No Yes, partial Yes, completely

Ethnic types White, Mediterranean (fair), Scandinavian, Slavic/Eastern European

Additional data

children None

Flat / House for filming Yes No


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