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LongTakeTalents Poland



Long Take Talents is a young, full service talent agency in Poland. We represent professional actors.

We provide representation in Poland, but our ambitions and tools allow us to support our talent's career development far beyond the country's borders, expanding the path to other European countries and USA.

Our goal is to represent them worldwide.
We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, high level of service and the professionalism and skill of our talent.

Constant transfer of the information, communication and immediate reaction are the methods of working we believe in!

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Born 2008


info@longtaketalents.com info@longtaketalents.com info@longtaketalents.com eMail (private)

+ 48 512 103 147 + 48 512 103 147 + 48 512 103 147 Phone (private)

+48 512 103 147 +48 512 103 147 +48 512 103 147 Phone (Office)

kasia.zuba@longtaketalents.com kasia.zuba@longtaketalents.com kasia.zuba@longtaketalents.com eMail (Office)

Ogrodowa 31/35

00-893 Warsaw



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