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" I see myself as an intelligent, sensitive human, with the soul of a clown which forces me to blow it at the most important moments." - Jim Morrison
Dear Directors & Casting Directors,
My name is Ka
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Nationality Austria

Languages German (mother tongue), English (good), English – American (good), Egyptian (good)

Born 1978, Wien, Austria, Viennese

Age range 25 - 39

Height 178 cm

Ethnic types Oriental, Mixed race

Place of residence Wien - Viennese (Austria)

Possible accommodation: Berlin - Berlin (Germany), Wien, Barcelona, Paris, Prag, London, New York, Los Angeles, Kairo, Alexandria, . (Qatar)

Real name Karim Rahoma

Primary occupation Acting

Additional occupations Dubbing, Presentation, Comedy, Model


Languages German (mother tongue), English (good), English – American (good), Egyptian (good)

Dialects Viennese (native dialect)

Accents Egyptian (good), American (good), Berlinerisch (good), German (good), French (good), Italian (good)

Dance Interpretive dance (very good), Disco (very good), Free dance (very good), Stage dance (good), Choreography (good), Ballroom (good), Hip hop (good), Rock 'n' roll (good), Tap dance (good), Dance improvisation (good), Egyptian dance (basic), Ancient dance (basic), Capoeira (basic), Flamenco (basic), Period dance (basic), Jazz dance (basic), Latin American dance (basic), Musical (basic), Oriental dances (basic), Salsa (basic), Show dance (basic), Tango (basic), Waltz (basic)

Singing Choral Singing (very good), Ballad (good), Stage singing (good), Cabaret (good), Lieder (good)

Vocal pitch / Dubbing voice Baritone

Musical instruments African Drums (good), Bongo drums (good), Conducting (good), Castanets (good), Dhol drums (basic), Flute (basic), Keyboards (basic), Harmonica (basic)

Sports Abseiling (very good), Billiards (very good), Boxing (very good), Ice hockey (very good), Jogging (very good), Kayak (very good), Mountain biking (very good), Cycling (very good), Rafting (very good), Ice skating (very good), Tennis (very good), Table tennis (very good), Acrobatics (good), Aerobics (good), Badminton (good), Ballsport (good), Basketball (good), Mountaineering (good), Bowling (good), Stage fighting (good), Darts (good), Fencing (good), Gym (good), Soccer (good), Weights (good), Gymnastics (good), Handball (good), Hockey (good), Roller blading (good), Jiu-Jitsu (good), Judo (good), Canoe (good), Athletics (good), Marathon (good), Pool (good), Horseback riding (good), Rollerskating (good), Rowing (good), Shooting (good), Sword fighting (good), Swimming (good), Skateboarding (good), Skiing (good), Trampoline (good), Gymnastics (good), Yoga (good), Volleyball (good), Baseball (basic), Basketball (wheelchair) (basic), Archery (basic), Unicycle (basic), Ice skating (basic), Parachuting (basic), Golf (basic), Juggling (basic), Camel riding (basic), Kendo (basic), Rock climbing (basic), Pilates (basic), Sailing (basic), Snowboarding (basic), Squash (basic), Surfing (basic), Tai-Chi (basic), Fishing (basic), Martial arts (basic)

Other Skills Poet, Reiki, Pantomime, Clown, First aid, Story telling, Improvisation, Painting, Director, Stunts, Workshop director, Illusionist, Journalist, Artistic Director



Age range 25 - 39

Height 178 cm

Build Athletic

Colour of eyes Brown/green

Colour of hair Dark brown

Hair style curly short

Facial hair Sideburns

Twin Yes No

Special physical characteristics facettenreich

Nudity No Yes, partial Yes, completely

Ethnic types Oriental, Mixed race


Training & Awards

2013 Other

Master Class in Wien von und mit Alexander Sokurov

2012 - 2013 Other

"Schule des Sprechens" in Wien

2009 - 2011 Other

Cambridge Institut - Certificate of Achievement

2008 Workshop
Nancy Bishop Masterclass (Germany)
Masterclass working on camera

2007 Workshop
Dramatisches Zentrum Wien (Austria)
Michael Margotta - Script Analysis and Character Development ://

2005 Workshop
Sprechunterricht bei Rosemarie Fraundorfer, Gabi Buch und Barbara Maria Bernhard (Austria)

1996 - 2000 Other

Schauspielausbildung, Prayner Konservatorium - Wien , Hochschule Ernst Busch ( Privatunterricht ) - Berlin , u.v.m.

2014 Locarno, Festival del film Locarno, Prix du Public UBS 2014 (Switzerland) - Nomination- Award
for Co-star (" Schweizer Helden ")


CV - Television

2009 - 1970

Twentieth Century Fox


Television film

Ongoing role

Jefffrey Nachmanoff

CV - Film

2013 - 2014

" Schweizer Helden "
Spotlight Media Productions AG


Feature film (cinema)


Peter Luisi

2006 - 1970

Amour Fou


Feature film (cinema)

Pénztáros fiú
Supporting actor

György Pálfi

CV - Theatre

2011 - 1970

"The Cleopatra Club"
Stadttheater Walfischgasse

Supporting actor

Rupert Henning

2010 - 1970

La Haine - Hass
Wiener Festwochen



Sissy & Polizist
Member of ensemble

Volker Schmidt

2009 - 1970



Member of ensemble

Philippe Riera

2008 - 1970

"Slava's SnowShow"

Green Clown
Ongoing role

Slava Polunin

2006 - 1970

"Wild Animus - The Show" European Tour
Wax Factory - New York

Musical Theatre


Jill A. Samuels & Ivan Talijancic

CV - Commercials

2008 - 1970

OMV Diesel Test
Close Up Filmproduktion

Network/Distributor: internationale Verwertung



Jonas Arnby

CV - Audio
CV - Other

2008 - 1970

Slavas Snowhow



Green Clown
Member of ensemble

Slava Polunin