Foto Ilaria Rossi
Foto Ilaria Rossi
Foto Ilaria Rossi

Ilaria Rossi Actress

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Nationality Italy

Languages Italian (mother tongue), English (good)

Born 1994

Age range 18 - 25

Height 175 cm

Place of residence Roma - Latium (Italy), Firenze - Tuscany (Italy)

Real name Ilaria Rossi

Primary occupation Acting



Contact eMail (private)

+39 0633225337 +39 0633225337 +39 0633225337 Phone (Office)

+39 (06) 3333 457 +39 (06) 3333 457 +39 (06) 3333 457 Fax (Office) eMail (Office)

Piazzale di Ponte Milvio, 28

00191 Roma


Languages Italian (mother tongue), English (good)

Dialects Tuscany (native dialect)

Accents Tuscan (native accent), Calabrian (good), Umbrian (good)

Dance Dancehall (good), Stage dance (good), Hip hop (good), Dance improvisation (good), Show dance (good), Musical (good), Argentinian tango (good), Modern dance (good), Salsa (basic), Dance theatre (basic), Latin American dance (basic), Jazz dance (basic), Afro (basic), Cha cha cha (basic)

Singing Musical (basic)

Sports Volleyball (good), Gymnastics (good), Acrobatics (good), Stage fighting (basic), Athletics (basic), Soccer (basic), Horseback riding (basic), Swimming (basic), Surfing (basic), Tennis (basic), Windsurfing (basic)

Driving licences / Other permits Driver’s licence car



Age range 18 - 25

Height 175 cm

Build Femminine

Colour of eyes Brown/green

Colour of hair Light brown

Hair style wavy long

Twin Yes No

Nudity No Yes, partial Yes, completely


Training & Awards

2016 Workshop
Michael Margotta - The Actor's Center, Roma (Italy)
Workshop basic and fundamental work

2012 - 2015 Acting studies
LINK ACADEMY - European Academy of Dramatic Arts (Italy)

2012 - 2015 Workshop
Linklater Method (Italy)


CV - Television

2016 - 1970

Il bello delle donne...alcuni anni dopo
Ares Film


TV series

Star of episode

Eros Puglielli

CV - Film

2015 - 1970

Erminio Binto
Sound Art


Short film

Supporting actor

Silvestro Maccariello

CV - Theatre

2015 - 1970

La pazza di Chaillot


Member of ensemble

Alessandro Maggi

2014 - 1970

The effect


Member of ensemble

Marzia Dal fabbro

2014 - 1970

Saggio di musical


Member of ensemble

Raffaella Misiti e Ilaria Amaldi

2013 - 1970

Forma Mentis


Member of ensemble

Vanessa Gasbarri

CV - Commercials
CV - Audio
CV - Other