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Foto Girts Zabitis

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I can act, rap, dj, produce, introduce and many other things. I have written 7 hip hop albums with lyrics, I know a lot of artists and produce them now, with my portable studio.
I`m now 75 gk weight
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Nationality Latvia, Germany, Great Britain, Russian Federation, Lithuania

Languages Latvian (fluent), Russian (fluent), English – American (good), German (basic), Lithuanian (basic)

Born 1990, Priekule, Latvia

Age range 16 - 29

Height 185 cm

Ethnic types White

Place of residence Karlsruhe - Baden-Wurttemberg (Germany)

Real name Girts Zabitis

Primary occupation Music

Additional occupations Acting, Presentation, Music, Model, Comedy, Athlete, Artistry



Contact eMail (private)

0049 15175517321 0049 15175517321 0049 15175517321 Mobile

zabitis zabitis zabitis Skype eMail (Office)

Roeter str. 4

72270 Baiersbronn

Klaipedas 76 - 17

3400 Liepaja


Languages Latvian (fluent), Russian (fluent), English – American (good), German (basic), Lithuanian (basic)

Dialects German (Northern) (basic)

Accents Russian (good)

Dance Waltz (good), Break dancing (basic), Hip hop (basic)

Singing Rap (very good), Hip hop / rap (very good), Blues (basic), Ballad (basic), A Cappella (basic), Art Song (basic), Classical (basic), Funk (basic), Gospel (basic), Jazz (basic), Punk (basic), Rock (basic), Stage singing (basic), Country (basic)

Vocal pitch / Dubbing voice Deep baritone

Musical instruments Guitar (basic)

Sports Pool (very good), Handball (very good), Badminton (very good), Ballsport (very good), Darts (very good), Soccer (very good), Swimming (very good), Basketball (very good), Volleyball (good), Marathon (good), Table tennis (good), Shooting (good), Rugby (good), Jogging (good), Billiards (good), Bowling (good), Yoga (basic), Boxing (basic), Skateboarding (basic), Stage fighting (basic), Golf (basic), Gymnastics (basic), Gym (basic), Hockey (basic), Ice hockey (basic), Ice skating (basic), Ice skating (basic), Baseball (basic), Kick boxing (basic), Rollerskating (basic), Roller blading (basic), Tennis (basic), Skiing (basic), Snowboarding (basic)

Driving licences / Other permits Driver’s licence car

Other Skills Artistic Director, Translator, Poker, Journalist, Poet, First aid, Director, Story telling, Improvisation, Computer expert, Croupier



Age range 16 - 29

Height 185 cm

Build Skinny

Colour of eyes Blue/grey

Colour of hair Light brown

Hair style wavy long

Twin Yes No

Look-alike Marshall Bruce Mathers III

Special physical characteristics All sports, acting, strong character, disciplined and full of enthusiasm and Ideas.

Nudity No Yes, partial Yes, completely

Ethnic types White


Training & Awards

2013 - 2013 Other

Flight attendant certificate.

2012 - 2012 Other

Casino croupier

2011 - 2013 Other

Writting movie scenes.

2011 - 2013 Other


2009 - 2011 Other

Client customer specialist

2011 Top 20 client customer serviss specialist. (Latvia) - Nomination- Award


CV - Television
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CV - Theatre
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CV - Other

2013 - 2013

Flight attendant



Flight attendant
Actor in episode

Girts Zabitis

2012 - 2013



Hosting /presenting

Casino dealer
Actor in episode

Vodoo Casino Latvia