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Francesco Ferdinandi Actor, Acrobat

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Languages Italian (mother tongue), English (fluent)

Born 1985, Italy, Latium

Age range 24 - 33

Height 187 cm

Place of residence Roma - Latium (Italy)






Languages Italian (mother tongue), English (fluent)

Dialects Latium (native dialect), Sardinian (fluent), Sicilian (fluent), Campania (good), Ciociaria (good), Lombardy (good), The Marche (good), Apulia (good), Tuscany (good), Venetia (good), Calabria (basic), Emilia-Romagna (basic), Piemont (basic)

Accents Italian (native accent), Calabrian (fluent), Campania (Italy) (fluent), English (fluent), Lombardian (fluent), Apulian (fluent), Romagna (fluent), Sardinian (fluent), Sicilian (fluent), Tuscan (fluent), Venetian (fluent), Umbrian (basic)

Dance Free dance (very good), Disco (very good), Dance improvisation (very good), Musical (very good), National dances (good), Choreography (good), Dancehall (good), Interpretive dance (good), Folklore dance (good), Greek dance (good), Urban dance (good), Cabaret dance (good), Ballet (basic), Period ballroom dance (basic), Standard dance (basic), Ballroom (basic), Cha cha cha (basic), Charleston (basic), Classical (basic), Irish dance (basic), Latin American dance (basic), Modern dance (basic), Flamenco (basic), Rock 'n' roll (basic), Salsa (basic), Samba (basic), Tango (basic), Swing dance (basic), Argentinian tango (basic), Waltz (basic)

Singing Stage singing (very good), Traditional folk (very good), Choral Singing (very good), A Cappella (good), Ballad (good), Cabaret (good), Chanson (good), Classical (good), Blues (basic)

Vocal pitch / Dubbing voice Mezzo soprano

Sports Soccer (very good), Gym (very good), Jogging (very good), Marathon (very good), Swimming (very good), Athletics (good), Billiards (good), Bowling (good), Canoe (good), Rowing (good), Cycling (good), American football (good), Gymnastics (good), Gymnastics (good), Ballsport (good), Rings (good), Mountain biking (good), Handball (good), Volleyball (good), Pilates (good), Pool (good), Rugby (good), Weights (good), Spinning (good), Tennis (good), Mountaineering (basic), Rock climbing (basic), Boxing (basic), Darts (basic), Hockey (basic), Fishing (basic), Table tennis (basic), Showjumping (basic), Skiing (basic), Squash (basic), Yoga (basic)

Driving licences / Other permits Driver’s licence car, Driver’s licence scooter



Age range 24 - 33

Height 187 cm

Build Athletic

Colour of eyes Blue

Colour of hair Brown

Hair style curly short

Twin Yes No

Nudity No Yes, partial Yes, completely

Additional data

children None

Flat / House for filming Yes No


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