Foto Francesca De Giacomo
Foto Francesca De Giacomo
Foto Francesca De Giacomo
Foto Francesca De Giacomo
Foto Francesca De Giacomo

Francesca De Giacomo Actress

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Amo il cinema, il teatro, amo recitare. Amo i film e gli spettacoli che hanno tratti di criticità, denuncia, filosofia. Amo vivere i personaggi che interpreto, e sono pronta a mettermi in gioco, o in ... (read more)


Nationality Italy

Languages English (fluent)

Born 1995, Roma, Italy, Latium

Age range 18 - 24

Height 157 cm

Ethnic types White, Mediterranean (fair)

Place of residence Todi - Umbria (Italy)

Possible accommodation: Roma - Latium (Italy)

Real name Francesca De Giacomo

Primary occupation Acting

Additional occupations Artistry



Contact eMail (Office)

+39 065826540,+39 065827455 +39 065826540,+39 065827455 +39 065826540,+39 065827455 Phone (Office)

+39 065826621 +39 065826621 +39 065826621 Fax (Office)

Via Leonardo Greppi, 128/130

00149 Roma


Languages English (fluent)

Dance Ballet (good)

Singing A Cappella (basic)

Sports Rowing (good), Gym (good), Swimming (good), Yoga (basic), Pilates (basic), Ice skating (basic), Rollerskating (basic), Diving (basic), Gymnastics (basic), Gymnastics (basic)

Other Skills Improvisation, Painting



Age range 18 - 24

Height 157 cm

Build Skinny

Colour of eyes Blue/green/grey

Colour of hair Brown

Hair style straight medium long

Twin Yes No

Nudity No Yes, partial Yes, completely

Ethnic types White, Mediterranean (fair)


Training & Awards

2016 Acting studies
Accademia Artisti, Roma (Italy)

2016 Workshop
Ivana Chubbuck/ Phoenix Art Academy: Il potere dell'attore (Italy)

2016 Workshop
Studio Emme S.r.l. (Italy)


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