Foto Daria Pisareva
Foto Daria Pisareva
Foto Daria Pisareva
Foto Daria Pisareva
Foto Daria Pisareva

Daria Pisareva Actress

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Having a dancing background and being always capable of foreign languages, I spent 4 years in Geneva studying traditional Russian acting for theatre program. Last season, 2015/16, as a graduate I laun ... (read more)


Nationality Russian Federation

Languages Russian (mother tongue), English (fluent), French (good)

Born 1988, Moscow, Russian Federation

Age range 23 - 33

Height 172 cm

Ethnic types Slavic/Eastern European, Mixed race, Mediterranean (fair)

Place of residence Geneva - Geneva (Switzerland)

Possible accommodation: Moscow (Russian Federation)

Real name Daria Pisareva

Primary occupation Acting

Additional occupations Dance

Contact eMail (private)

+41 788 999 205 +41 788 999 205 +41 788 999 205 Mobile

+7 915 179 37 66 +7 915 179 37 66 +7 915 179 37 66 Mobile

daria_pisareva daria_pisareva daria_pisareva Skype

Kantemirovskaya 20/1, app 352

115409 Moscow
Russian Federation


Languages Russian (mother tongue), English (fluent), French (good)

Dialects Switzerland (Western) (native dialect)

Accents Russian (native accent)

Dance Latin American dance (very good), Jive (very good), Jazz dance (very good), Waltz (very good), Free dance (very good), Modern dance (very good), Quick step (very good), Rumba (very good), Salsa (very good), Samba (very good), Show dance (very good), Tango (very good), Foxtrot (very good), Cancan (very good), Cabaret dance (very good), Dance theatre (very good), Cha cha cha (very good), Rock 'n' roll (good), Ballroom (good), Ballet (good), Urban dance (good), Disco (good), Dance training (good), Funky (good), Dance improvisation (good), Classical (good), Choreography (good), Musical (good), Argentinian tango (basic), Belly dance (basic), Charleston (basic), Flamenco (basic), Folklore dance (basic), Hip hop (basic), Mazurka (basic), National dances (basic), Oriental dances (basic), Polka (basic), Street dance (basic), Tap dance (basic), Swing dance (basic), Afro (basic)

Vocal pitch / Dubbing voice Alto

Sports Gymnastics (very good), Yoga (very good), Gym (good), Stage fighting (good), Acrobatics (good), Aerobics (good), Basketball (good), Cycling (good), Swimming (good), Tennis (good), Soccer (basic), Table tennis (basic), Pool (basic), Diving (basic), Fishing (basic), Skiing (basic), Billiards (basic), Ice skating (basic), Jogging (basic), Bowling (basic), Athletics (basic), Badminton (basic)

Driving licences / Other permits Driver’s licence car



Age range 23 - 33

Height 172 cm

Build Slender

Colour of eyes Heterochromia: brown/green

Colour of hair Light brown

Hair style wavy long

Twin Yes No

Nudity No Yes, partial Yes, completely

Ethnic types Slavic/Eastern European, Mixed race, Mediterranean (fair)


Training & Awards

2011 - 2015 Acting studies
Moscow Art Theatre School (Stanislavskij, Moskau) (Russian Federation)
The Boris Schukin Theatre Institute (Moscow) in International Center Lomonosov (Geneva)

2010 - 2011 Workshop
New York Film Academy and Acting Studio (USA)
2 months acting for film


CV - Television
CV - Film

2016 - 1970

Growing old (Vieillir)
Take Five Production


Feature film (cinema)


Olivier Linconnu

CV - Theatre

2016 - 1970

Les scènes inconnues de Strindberg, Tchekhov et Pouchkine
Avignon Off


Amélie/Mme Kolpakova/Tatyana

Anatolii Shoulev

2016 - 1970

La vérité



Thierry Piguet Roland

2015 - 1970

"Scoubidou, la poupée qui sait tout" (A doll who knows everything)
Théâtre du Tunnel

Geneva, Suisse Romande, Paris


Madame Florance, sea cadet, a shark, an oyster
Member of ensemble

Valentin Stasyuk

CV - Commercials

2015 - 1970

Aima HiTech
Nico Corp, Paris

Network/Distributor: China

Online shopping

Girl on a scooter
Member of ensemble


CV - Audio
CV - Other