Clarice Ching Actress, Model, Singer, Presenter (TV)

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Born in Manila, Philippines, Clarice booked her first 'on-air' job when she was just 7 years old for a local computer company. Growing up she was always very active with sports and the creative arts ... (read more)


Nationality Canada

Languages English (mother tongue)

Born 1986, Manila, Philippines

Age range 19 - 35

Height 153 cm

Ethnic types Filipino/Malay/Thai, Chinese, Mixed race

Place of residence Toronto (Canada), Rome - Tuscany (Italy)

Real name Clarice






Languages English (mother tongue)

Accents British (basic)

Dance Disco (good), Cha cha cha (good)

Singing A Cappella (good), Ballad (good), Country (good), Funk (good), Jazz (good), Pop song (good)

Musical instruments Piano (basic)

Sports Baseball (very good), Volleyball (very good), Basketball (good), Badminton (good), Bowling (good), Canoe (good), Kayak (good), Swimming (good), Weights (good), Table tennis (basic), Yoga (basic)

Driving licences / Other permits Driver’s licence car



Age range 19 - 35

Height 153 cm

Build Athletic

Colour of eyes Brown

Colour of hair Dark brown

Hair style straight long

Twin Yes No

Look-alike Jessica Alba, Lucy Liu, Maggie Q

Nudity No Yes, partial Yes, completely

Ethnic types Filipino/Malay/Thai, Chinese, Mixed race

Training & Awards

2012 Miss Universe Canada 2012 Top 25 Finalist in GTA & Ontario (Canada) - Nomination- Award

2012 The Bachelor Canada, one of the 25 Bachelorettes (Canada) - Nomination- Award


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