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I am an actress based in Ireland/England and I am open and excited to travel for work. I have experience in Film as well as Theatre. I am looking forward to new projects, particularly feature films. I ... (read more)


Nationality Malta, Ireland

Languages English (mother tongue), English – British (mother tongue), English – American (mother tongue), Gaelic (basic), Irish (basic)

Born 1979, Ireland, Ireland

Age range 25 - 35

Height 155 cm

Ethnic types Caucasian, Mediterranean (fair), Mixed race, White

Place of residence Rathfarnham (Ireland)

Real name Carrie Harding

Primary occupation Acting

Additional occupations Music, Singing


Languages English (mother tongue), English – British (mother tongue), English – American (mother tongue), Gaelic (basic), Irish (basic)

Accents Caucasian (native accent), Dublin (native accent), English (native accent), Irish (native accent), Irish (South) (native accent), Irish (Northern ) (native accent), Irish RP (native accent), American (fluent), American Midwest (fluent), American Southern States (fluent), American Western States (fluent), Australian (fluent), Belfast (fluent), Birmingham (fluent), Bristol (fluent), British (fluent), Californian (fluent), Canadian (fluent), Cockney (fluent), Cork (fluent), Dorset (fluent), Devon (fluent), Edinburgh (fluent), Essex (fluent), Galway (fluent), Geordie (fluent), Georgian (fluent), Glasgow (fluent), Gloucester (fluent), Kent (fluent), Kerry (fluent), Leeds (fluent), Lancashire (fluent), Leicester (fluent), Liverpool (fluent), London (fluent), Maltese (fluent), Manchester (fluent), Mid-Atlantic (fluent), New York (fluent), Oxfordshire (fluent), UK (Northern) (fluent), Jamaican (good), Welsh (Standard) (good), Yorkshire (good), French (basic), Italian (basic)

Dance Cancan (good), Dance improvisation (good), Funky (good), Free dance (good), Rock 'n' roll (good), Standard dance (good), Ballet (basic), Choreography (basic), Dance training (basic), Disco (basic), Interpretive dance (basic), Musical (basic), Period dance (basic), Tap dance (basic), Waltz (basic)

Singing A Cappella (very good), Art Song (very good), Ballad (very good), Blues (very good), Cabaret (very good), Chanson (very good), Choral Singing (very good), Classical (very good), Country (very good), Folk (very good), Funk (very good), Gospel (very good), Hip hop / rap (very good), Jazz (very good), Modern (very good), Musical (very good), Operetta (very good), Rock (very good), Soul (very good), Stage singing (very good), Swing (very good), Traditional folk (very good), Yodelling (very good), Opera (good), Pop (good), Pop song (good), Rap (good), Punk (basic)

Musical instruments Keyboards (good), Piano (good), Guitar (basic), Ukulele (basic)

Sports Bowling (good), Cycling (good), Darts (good), Jogging (good), Pilates (good), Trampoline (good), Yoga (good), Archery (basic), Canoe (basic), Fishing (basic), Gym (basic), Gymnastics (basic), Martial arts (basic), Mountaineering (basic), Rock climbing (basic), Roller blading (basic), Rollerskating (basic), Rowing (basic), Swimming (basic), Table tennis (basic), Tai-Chi (basic), Tennis (basic), Volleyball (basic), Weights (basic)

Driving licences / Other permits Driver’s licence car

Other Skills Alexander Technique, Composer, Impersonator, Improvisation, Pantomime, Poet, Reiki, Workshop director



Age range 25 - 35

Height 155 cm

Build Delicate

Colour of eyes Blue

Colour of hair Light blonde

Twin Yes No

Special physical characteristics Physical quite small with big hair and a very ethereal look

Nudity No Yes, partial Yes, completely

Ethnic types Caucasian, Mediterranean (fair), Mixed race, White


Training & Awards

2015 Acting studies
David Scott - The Applied Art of Acting (Ireland)
Applied Art of Acting

1989 - 1999 Acting studies
The Conservatory of Music and Drama Rathmines DIT, Dublin (Ireland)
Acting/Voice Training & Instruments


CV - Television

2015 - 1970

Fir, Maru agus Gra
Midas Productions

Network/Distributor: TG4

Television series

Brighid Kearney
Small role

Midas Productions

CV - Film
CV - Theatre

2015 - 1970

Industry Showcase
Applied Art of Acting

Variety show

Grace Hardy

David Scott

CV - Commercials

2015 - 1970

Frasers models and actors




Frasers models and actors

CV - Audio
CV - Other

2016 - 1970

Death Productions


Web series

Star of episode

Lua Brigita-Daug