Foto Bettina Schurek
Foto Bettina Schurek
Foto Bettina Schurek
Foto Bettina Schurek

Bettina Schurek Actress

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Nationality Austria

Languages German (mother tongue), English (fluent)

Age range 20 - 30

Height 175 cm

Ethnic types Middle Europe

Place of residence Wien - Viennese (Austria)

Possible accommodation: Berlin - Berlin (Germany), Hamburg - Hamburg (Germany), München - Bavaria (Germany), London (Great Britain), Bern - Bern (Switzerland), Zürich - Zurich (Switzerland), New York City (USA)

Primary occupation Acting


Languages German (mother tongue), English (fluent)

Dialects Carinthia (native dialect)

Dance Jazz dance (very good), Modern dance (very good), Musical (very good)

Singing A Cappella (very good), Jazz (very good), Musical (very good), Pop (very good)

Vocal pitch / Dubbing voice Alto

Musical instruments Guitar (basic), Western concert flute (basic)

Sports Snowboarding (very good), Swimming (very good), Cycling (very good), Jogging (very good), Acrobatics (good), Volleyball (good), Horseback riding (good), Roller blading (good), Tennis (good), Shooting (basic)

Driving licences / Other permits Driver’s licence car

Other Skills Dance teacher



Age range 20 - 30

Height 175 cm

Build Shapely

Colour of eyes Brown/green

Colour of hair Blonde

Twin Yes No

Nudity No Yes, partial Yes, completely

Ethnic types Middle Europe


Training & Awards

2015 Workshop
Schauspiel- und Kameratraining nach Susan Batson (Leitung: Bettina Lohmeyer) (Germany)

2007 - 2010 Acting studies
Performing Arts Studios Vienna (Austria)


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