Foto Anna-Lena Kluger
Foto Anna-Lena Kluger
Foto Anna-Lena Kluger
Foto Anna-Lena Kluger

Anna-Lena Kluger Actress

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Nationality Germany

Languages German (mother tongue)

Born 1987, Germany, Bremen

Age range 16 - 34

Height 166 cm

Place of residence Bremen - Bremen (Germany)

Primary occupation Acting


Languages German (mother tongue)

Dialects German (Northern) (native dialect), Platt (basic)

Dance Salsa (very good), Argentinian tango (good)

Singing Choral Singing (very good), Stage singing (good)

Vocal pitch / Dubbing voice Alto

Musical instruments Piano (good)

Sports Roller blading (very good), Yoga (very good), Snowboarding (very good), Horseback riding (very good), Handball (good), Canoe (good)

Driving licences / Other permits Driver’s licence car



Age range 16 - 34

Height 166 cm

Build Athletic

Colour of eyes Blue

Colour of hair Dark blonde

Twin Yes No

Nudity No Yes, partial Yes, completely


Training & Awards

2009 - 2012 Acting studies
Europäisches Theaterinstitut e.V. Schauspielschule Berlin (Germany)
ZAV Prüfung bestanden


CV - Television

2015 - 1970

Lotta in Love
All about Love

Network/Distributor: RTL 2


Constantin Entertainment

2014 - 1970

In Gefahr

Network/Distributor: SAT 1

Supporting actor

Constantin Entertanment

CV - Film

2016 - 1970

Plattdeutscher Film (AT)
freie Produktion


Supporting actor

Mathias Schulz

CV - Theatre
CV - Commercials

2016 - 1970

Service and Smile - Daimler AG
Fast Lane Film

Network/Distributor: Imagefilm

Steffen Heidenreich

CV - Audio
CV - Other