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Corpora Productions Istanbul Turkey

Corpora Productions is an audio-visual production company settled in Istanbul. The company was founded in 2002, for producing features, tv commercials, advertorials, industrials, videos and documentaries. The company also provides line production services for many foreign production companies. Whatever the financial scope and audio-visual nature of the project is, we are committed to achieve a standard of high quality visuals. Some of the accomplished projects can be seen in the showreel section. Ali Pinar is the in-house director and Asli Doruk is the in-house producer of the company.

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Nationality Turkey

Languages Turkish (mother tongue), French (mother tongue), English (mother tongue), Italian (basic)

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Taksim - Beyoğlu - Istanbul

34437 Istanbul


Languages Turkish (mother tongue), French (mother tongue), English (mother tongue), Italian (basic)



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