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Studio Emme S.r.l. Italy


Sergio Martinelli’s talent agency Studio Emme has been in activity since 1986.

His agency, Studio Emme, has been professionally active since its early days with a main focus on minors and young actors. Studio Emme knows and follows all rules for ensuring young performers are provided with adequate protection and safety.

Sergio Martinelli, with remarkable managing skills, has created an agency where the top priorities are talent, professionalism and dedication. Over the years he has become an important and trusted reference for many commercial and theatrical productions who seek an agency where they can always find the right client.

A leader in discovering and representing young performers, Studio Emme is also dedicated to promoting adult professional actors, who seek the means to advance their careers and gain international recognition.

For those who are new to the business and have the right potential, Sergio Martinelli offers an artistic educational path, essential to achieve a professional level. Acting classes, taught by highly prepared teachers, guarantee the artistic capacity necessary to become professional performers.

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Nationality Italy

Born 1954, roma

Real name Sergio Martinelli





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