Foto Max Hemmersdorfer
Foto Max Hemmersdorfer
Foto Max Hemmersdorfer
Foto Max Hemmersdorfer

Max Hemmersdorfer Actor

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Nationality Germany

Languages Spanish (basic), English (basic)

Born 1985

Age range 23 - 31

Height 178 cm

Ethnic types Middle Europe

Place of residence Berlin (Germany)

Possible accommodation: Hamburg (Germany), Konstanz, München

Primary occupation Acting

Contact eMail (Office)

+49 234 3250109 +49 234 3250109 +49 234 3250109 Fax (Office)

+49 234 311999 +49 234 311999 +49 234 311999 Phone (Office)

Königsallee 140

44789 Bochum


Languages Spanish (basic), English (basic)

Dialects Bavaria (native dialect), Swabian (good), Franconia (good)

Dance Modern dance (good)

Vocal pitch / Dubbing voice Baritone

Musical instruments Guitar (good), Saxophone (good)

Sports Boxing (good), Acrobatics (good), Fencing (good), Skateboarding (good), Skiing (good), Snowboarding (good)

Driving licences / Other permits Driver’s licence car

Other Skills Clown



Age range 23 - 31

Height 178 cm

Build Slender

Colour of eyes Brown

Colour of hair Brown

Twin Yes No

Nudity No Yes, partial Yes, completely

Ethnic types Middle Europe

Training & Awards

2007 - 2010 Other

Folkwang Hochschule Essen für Musik, Theater und Tanz

2012 Förderpreis der Internationalen Bodensee Konferenz für Schauspiel - Nomination- Award

2010 Ensemble- und Publikumspreis Theatertreffen deutschsprachiger Schauspielstudierender Leipzig - Nomination- Award


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