How do I add new scenes (new chapters) to a showreel?

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Your showreel on e-TALENTA does not consist of a single long video file. Instead it is subdivided into separate chapters, i.e. the showreel consists of several separate video files. 
The advantage of this is that you can change the composition of your reel - add new scenes or delete others - anytime you want and without having to re-do the entire showreel. 
Plus, casting directors can – thanks to our chaptering -  conveniently select only relevant scenes from your reel and add them to their casting-REEL when presenting cast proposals.

Therefore we strongly recommend you upload each scene separately and not an entire showreel into one file.

Showreel material should always be of the best possible quality. Remember that not only casting directors look at your showreel but also directors and producers.

If you have a new scene to add to your profile showreel, just upload it from your computer using the best possible quality. You don’t have to worry about converting it. Our system will automatically take care of that for you.

If your showreel is not subdivided into smaller scenes/chapters, or if you need to divide a video file from a DVD into separate scenes (chapters), use our handy and free of charge video-TOOL. The video-TOOL creates chapters and converts them into web-optimized video files. You can find the video-TOOL instructions under “Showreel“ -> “Download VideoTool“.  The files created by the video-TOOL end with ".castforwardVideo". They can only be uploaded and will not play on your computer.

To upload your new scene or new video-TOOL file, go to your e-TALENTA profile and click on "edit e-PROFILE" in the top right menu

For agents: Information on how to edit clients e-PROFILEs.

Then select "Showreel".

The upper section lists the scenes from your published showreel, the lower section lists the private or unpublished scenes from the media pool. To upload a new scene click “Upload new scene“.

On your computer select the video file(s) that you want to upload. The file is then put on standby for uploading. Now you can add more scenes or you can start the upload process by clicking "Upload".


Depending on file size and internet connection the uploading might take a while. The progress bar indicates the estimated time. Once the upload is complete, the new scene(s) will have been added to the end of your published showreel.

Once the upload is complete our system then optimizes the scene into the best possible format. Again, it might take a few minutes before you can view the scene. Until the optimization process is complete you’ll see the following note: 


Note: Of course we also offer to upload scenes or an entire showreel for you. All you have to do is  send us your showreel in the highest available quality (DVD, USB-Stick, etc) or via Dropbox or WeTransfer. Depending on your subscription this service might not be free. We will inform you in advance if this service is included in your subscription or not.