How do I edit an e-PROFILE?

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Every e-TALENTA member - actor, agent, casting director, producer etc - has a personal e-PROFILE to introduce and present him-/herself. An actor's e-PROFILE of course needs to be quite detailed and includes not only personal data but also a filmography, a CV, photos, showreel scenes and an about-me-VIDEO.

However also agents and casting directors can use specific information fields in their e-PROFILEs to present themselves in the best possible way to other film, tv and theatre professionals. For example they can indicate their language proficiency and include a CV, photos and contact details.

To complete or update your e-PROFILE go to „Edit e-PROFILE“ in the top right menu .

So agents can edit their own personal e-PROFILE as well as their clients' e-PROFILEs.

For agents: Information on how to edit clients' e-PROFILEs.

Then select the subcategory desired, e.g. "Skills" or "CV". This is where you enter and edit data.

There are 3 ways to enter and edit data:


1. Simple selection - e.g. for birth year

Click the drop-down list and select the desired item. This will then be saved automatically.


2. Multiple selection - e.g. Language skills

To enter and edit data please click .

Then select the item (in some cases you have to also specify the proficiency level) and confirm with by clicking OK. To cancel what you just edited or to delete information click .




3. Text input, e.g. birth place

Type the information into the field and confirm the entry by clicking OK


If instead you click any prior entry will be cancelled and the field will return to its previous state.