e-TALENTA is THE European casting platform for film, TV and theatre professionals.
Since 2007 e-TALENTA has been connecting Actors, Actresses, Agencies & Acting Schools with Casting Directors, Production Companies, Directors and Coaches - worldwide.

e-TALENTA is accessable in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish and Russian and - as you'll see - is much more than just a database.

As an industry professional* you are welcome!
* Please refer to our e-TALENTA admission requirements. The e-TALENTA Board of Experts will decide on any admissions with an element of doubt.


live-CASTING – e-TALENTA’s new casting tool

Imagine you could video call every actor/actress directly for online-casting via Skype - without even having to find out the candidate’s Skype name.

e-TALENTA makes this possible: You don’t need a separate contact list on Skype, simply open the relevant e-PROFILE, arrange an appointment with the actor/actress or agency with just a click, then later call him/her via e-TALENTA and start your live-CASTING.

Hundreds of casting directors & industry professionals use e-TALENTA. For example:

Photo Casting Director

Pep Armengol

Casting Director

e-TALENTA for Actors & Actresses

As a professional Actor or Actress on e-TALENTA you keep good company: more than 30.000 professional Actors & Actresses present themselves to Casting Directors, Producers and Directors - worldwide and in 6 languages.


On e-TALENTA you don't have to wait to be "discovered".
You can be proactive by making use of the wide variety of available tools:


Make your showreel available in HD quality and customise it anytime and anywhere.


Film and present yourself in a unique and creative way.


Supply hundreds of casting professionals with performance dates and film releases, new material or other news.


With just a few clicks turn your profile into your individual website - in 6 languages and in your favourite colours and design.

e-SEARCH & Messaging

Search for casting directors or other industry professionals and contact them directly.


With our casting-APP you will have your e-PROFILE details, photos and videos on hand wherever you go.

e-TALENTA for Casting Directors

As a Casting Director on e-TALENTA you will have access to over 30.000 profiles of professional actors across Europe.

Use e-SEARCH for your research, use e-CASTING to send out casting breakdowns (our e-CASTINGINFOs) and receive proposals from actors, actresses and agencies. You can specifically select who receives an e-CASTINGINFO.

Furthermore, e-TALENTA offers you a wide variety of innovative tools that help you not only manage your projects but also help you present them in a clear and attractive format.


Turn e-TALENTA into your personal database:
In addition to your personal notes, your ratings and customized fields you can add your own audition files and other videos to any actor's e-PROFILE. The material you upload is only and exclusively visible to you and is protected from unauthorized access. That way you will have all data safely stored in one place and can access or present it from wherever you are - even with the e-TALENTA casting-APP.

Search Results

e-TALENTA for Agencies

On e-TALENTA you can present your actors & actresses to Casting Directors, Producers and Directors, nationwide as well as internationally - in 6 languages. More than 2500 agencies all over Europe already use this opportunity - for example:





All essential information can be edited by you and/or your clients themselves.

Use e-TALENTA as a pivotal platform for your agency: Submit your actors with just a few clicks, contact Casting Directors, Producers or Directors or publicize news regarding your actors.



You are at home or on the road and need to quickly send a client's details or material to a Casting Director?
No problem with the mobile version of e-TALENTA or with the e-TALENTA casting-APP. Wherever you are you can access all data, edit and immediately submit your actors from your mobile device.

Connect e-TALENTA to your agency website

e-TALENTA is easy to use and can also be used as a Content Management System (CMS) for your agency website. This way you only have to update information, photos and videos on e-TALENTA and your agency website will automatically be up-to-date. Read more

e-TALENTA for Producers & Directors

On top of the standard features which are available also for casting directors, you have the additional option to specifically search for casting directors and contact them. Assemble your perfect team - especially useful for international productions when castings are held in several countries.

When casting a low budget project, you can search for actors yourself by using e-SEARCH or send out e-CASTINGINFOs (casting breakdowns).

e-TALENTA for Drama schools & Coaches

e-TALENTA is the ultimate showcase for your training and workshop programs:
efficient, target-oriented and geared to professional actors & actresses.

Introduce yourself & present the training you offer with photos, videos & text.

Showcase your graduates to Casting Directors, Agents, Producers and Directors e.g. with an introductory email. Or invite our members to your graduation show or student showcase.

As a private Coach or head of an Academy/Drama school you have the opportunity to offer workshops, classes & courses and advertise your training program. Actors & actresses can apply for or directly book your program. Rest assured that only professional actors & actresses can enroll/register.

We will gladly advise you on how to best promote your coaching work on e-TALENTA.