Slovenian actress wins scholarship

e-TALENTA is delighted to sponsor one scholarship to the International Screen Acting Workshop at the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy.

We'd like to thank our wonderful Jury of Casting Directors and a Shooting Star for their time and dedication:



"I was happy to "meet" international actors through their e-TALENTA pages and short video presentations they made. I enjoyed the charm and creativity of some of them and it was great to see their willingness and determination to learn and grow professionally." - Timka Grahic, Casting Director

Especially in Europe, international (co-) productions, and therefore international casts, are becoming increasingly important. Big productions like THE READER, INGLORIOUS BASTERDS, GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL, BRIDGE OF SPIES, SNOWDEN and HOMELAND are just a few examples of the many that recently filmed in Europe and boasted a large number of European cast members.

With e-TALENTA, the only casting platform available in six languages, you are not only visible to Casting Directors, Producers and Director in your own country, but internationally as well. Because of our national as well as international focus, the supporting of actresses and actors who would also like to become involved in international projects is a cause that is very close to our hearts.

We are therefore delighted to be working together with the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy. They are offering the first INTERNATIONAL SCREEN ACTING WORKSHOP from October to December of this year. Accompanied by renowned guest lecturer and international industry-professionals, the students will be prepared for intensive international engagements in the marketing and casting department, as well as with a practical Method Acting Training.


The winner of the scholarship is Slovenian actress Nika Rozman!
We interviewed her for this month's Limelight too:

Nika Rozman e-TALENTA


Congratulations again on winning the scholarship for the Screen Acting Workshop at the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy! How did you prepare for your application?

Thank you very much. I am still overwhelmed with excitement! I knew the moment I saw the programme that this is was what I wanted, but I wasn't sure if I would have the time to participate, so I hesitated until the end. Then a friend said something that motivated me: “If you truly want it, listen to yourself and everything will fall into place”. So I had a few days to fix my profile, to convince a friend to refresh my reel and to film the about me video. It was quite honest. I said I feel that this is something I need in this period of my life.


What is your hope for the outcome of the workshop you’re about to do?

I think there already is an outcome! The audition alone was a challenging experience, because we don't practice auditions in Slovenia a lot. We are a small country, which means that in a few years of intense work you get to know and meet all the people in creative film/theatre industry. And we usually get direct invitations to projects. Nevertheless I am sure that fresh surroundings, foreign language, new colleagues and knowledge from professional lecturers will confront me with pushing myself outside my comfort zone – which always carries creative potential. I support good team work and hope to bring some of my stories into the world and carry some of new ones back home.


You were also selected for the Sarajevo Talents in 2009. What was your experience with the Talent Campus?

I think I was too young and inexperienced at the time to comprehend all the opportunities given on Campus. I enjoyed the workshops and the films, but I missed the chances to make connections and present/promote myself and my work to the right people. Not until later I realized that good work can speak for itself, but only if someone sees it.


Your English is excellent. Where did you learn it?

Thank you. I still think it could be much better. My high school professor was demanding! In Slovenia is usual that people know more than one foreign language. It is a small, young country with specific history surrounded by different nations which don't speak or understand our language. Maybe it is also a state of mind. We take for granted that others can't understand us, so we make that effort.


Do you have any advice for someone preparing a self-tape in a language that is not their mother tongue?

I could hardly give advice, since that was my first one.


You’ve done many short films as well as features. Do you have a preference?

Not really. I prefer good team work as I said before, a good story and motivated people with vision and knowledge. Although there is a charm to creating a greater role in a feature, since you can use more space to develop a character and spend time with it.


What has been your favourite experience on a film set so far?

The time a director gave me one direction only: “you are drunk and you have all the time you need and the camera will follow”. Chemistry happened. The character I played was uptight and at that moment I felt that the camera was the only one she could open up to. So I did. It was a rollercoaster by all means.


And finally, if you could say anything to the Casting Directors, Producers and Directors using e-TALENTA, what would it be?

Hello, my name is Nika. Let's make some films!


The International Screen Acting Workshop will take place at the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy from the 25th of October to early December 2016. 

Visit Nika's e-TALENTA profile here: https://www.e-talenta.eu/members/profile/nika-rozman

All other participants can also be found on e-TALENTA and on our Facebook page.