Step Into The Limelight with... Damir Cosic

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How long have you been on e-TALENTA and how did you hear about us?

I’ve been on e-TALENTA for almost 2 years now. My first agent told me that it’s a good place to be as an actor so I signed up and she was right.

You have experience with self-tapes. What is your preparation process?

I go in a quiet room. I go over a couple of times of what I want to say and what is important and what I can leave out. Then I hit REC and just go but I’ve got to say that I am a perfectionist and that I am almost never satisfied and I always think and know that I can do better. Which means I hit REC quite a lot of times.

You’ve also studied at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in America – was it very different to studying in Europe?

Yes! From my point of view there’s a huge difference. In Europe, especially in Germany, people concentrate more on the language and the way words/lines are being said. In the US it is more important of getting the feeling of ones character across, making it believable and truthful. If I believe it then the audience will believe it. Both methods/techniques work in their own way.

Do American Casting Directors require the same things in a self-tape as Europeans?

I’d say yes. They want see the real you. On how you come across on camera and what your personality is like. When it comes to auditioning for a certain role then they want to see as many colours of emotions as possible including the one that is required for the part.

Over the years you have trained as a dancer, a stuntman and in martial arts. What are the most important lessons you have learned and how do you use that discipline and physicality in your acting work?

Work hard! Train until you can’t anymore then keep going. Focus! Discipline! Concentration! Timing! Self-awareness! Posture! Presence! Goals that want to be achieved. Love what you do and have fun!

These Arts help me a lot. They’re all very similar to acting cause for example in rehearsals you have to repeat and repeat scenes until you get it right and it sometimes can take days, weeks but the key is to know yourself, believe in what you can do, have fun with it and love what you do cause if we don’t love what we do then we are doing it for the wrong reason!

You’ve played the role of “the Joker”, most notably interpreted by Heath Ledger. If you could play any historical character, who would you pick?

That’s a good and very tricky question because there’re so many of them. But I made a list of four personalities I’d love to portray.

-Charles (Charlie) Chaplin I’d love to play cause transporting emotions without any words just through your body is an art of its own. And he perfected it. A master in his own art. And since I am a perfectionist and love to make people laugh, I’d love the challenge.

-Walt Disney is a hero of my childhood and even today. His vision, his dedication and his love for his work are a great example of perfection and entertainment. Digging deep into an idea, holding on to a vision and believing in it until it finally pays off.

-William Shakespeare is a must. Especially the research on the character and the question “Did he really write all the incredible stories/plays himself?”.

-Genghis Khan. Who doesn’t love playing a feared and strong conqueror?!

You were born in Bosnia and you speak the language. Is there any chance we’ll see you in a Bosnian production soon?

I’ve done a short film in Bosnia already but who knows? Anything is possible!

And finally, if you could say anything to the Casting Directors, Producers and Directors using e-TALENTA, what would it be?

Check out my profile and hit me up! I’m your guy!


Visit Damir's e-TALENTA profile here: https://www.e-talenta.eu/members/profile/damir-cosic