Your agency website and e-TALENTA

Your situation

Today you have your own agency website with which you present your actors to casting directors, producers and other industry professionals. In addition to that you and your clients each have a profile on e-TALENTA.

What this means for you

  • Expenses for maintenance and for running your own Content Management System or expenses for a service provider to constantly update the website
  • Expenses for CMS updates and further development
  • Expenditure of time for data maintenance in your CMS

The solution

Interconnect your agency website and e-TALENTA

Features Backgrounds Synchronization

You can modify your client data on e-TALENTA at anytime and your agency website will automatically be updated. No need for an extra CMS-System or for data maintenance on your website any longer. All client information available on e-TALENTA (personal information, appearance, skills, CV, photos and showreel) will be directly transferred from e-TALENTA to your agency website in real time. This synchronisation process is imperceptible to anyone who visits the website and your website will keep its usual look and layout.

Please note: Only information that is available on e-TALENTA can be synchronised. We therefore recommend you request our special for an "actor-PRO Subscription" for all your actors and actresses. That way you can present your actors with the same complete and detailed profiles both on e-TALENTA and on your agency website. Other areas of your website, such as "About us" and "Contact", are usually not connected to e-TALENTA (however, if you wish it can be done) and can continue to be managed and updated by you directly on your website.

The standard procedure

Usually, the migration of data is implemented as follows. However depending on the technical specifications of your agency website, procedures may slightly vary. We'd be happy to discuss the technical details for your particular case with you at anytime and with no obligation.

1. The available information and data on your existing website may differ from e-TALENTA's. Therefore, we begin with an analysis of your existing website to point out these differences. For instance: on e-TALENTA language skills are graded according to proficiency (mother tongue, fluent, good, basic). If your agency website has no specifications in that respect, you choose if and where this information should be placed on your website.

2. Based on the design of your existing agency website, the overview and detailed view of your clients is reprogrammed.
Except for any changes that may result from step 1, the layout of your agency website will be affected as little as possible so that visitors on your website will still find the same look they are familiar with. Other areas of your website will not be affected at all so that you or your service provider can still make the usual changes.

3. The continuous synchronisation will then be installed and your actors' data and photos will be stored both on e-TALENTA as well as on your agency website. You will still be able to work in a totally autonomous manner - and without any restrictions - on your agency website, even when e-TALENTA is undergoing maintenance work. Due to the size of video files and to the technical requirements for streaming, all showreel and video material will necessarily be hosted at e-TALENTA.

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