e-CASTING (casting breakdown)

e-CASTING (breakdowns) on e-TALENTA

With e-CASTING you can send to anywhere in Europe in just a few seconds an e-CASTINGINFO with specific information, synopsis and role descriptions for your current film or project. You decide who to send the e-CASTINGINFO to: to all agencies or only to a few selected agencies, to their clients or to actors without agents.

Agencies can respond just as quickly proposing complete profiles of those clients that are right for the role and non-represented actors and actresses can propose themselves.

Plus, if you attach an audition scene to your e-CASTINGINFO for a specific role, then you'll not only receive actors' profiles but also self-taped auditions. This way actors can always be a part of your casting no matter where they are - even if they can't be physically present in the first phase of the casting process.

Then you can easily view all proposed profiles divided by role in one single place: your e-TALENTA account (and you don't need to check and view email proposals with heavy attachments arriving on your various email accounts).

This way you can simply select which actors you'd like to meet personally or invite to a callback.

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