About us

e-TALENTA is a unique multilingual casting platform on the web.
Since 2007 e-TALENTA has been connecting professional Actors and Actresses, Agencies & Accademies/Drama schools with Casting Directors, Production companies, Directors and Coaches - worldwide.

e-TALENTA is available in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish and Russian - and, as you'll see, is much more than just a database.
This platform offers members the ideal setting for the special creative process that's behind each great casting, whether of a film or a TV project.

e-TALENTA GmbH is a fusion of the original e-TALENTA platform - founded in Switzerland in 2007 by casting director Beatrice Kruger - and the Casting-System CASTFORWARD - one of the leading German casting platforms founded in 2008 by Andreas Dendorfer and Andreas Lademann.

Professional actors and actresses can use e-TALENTA's multitude of tools to present themselves in an individual and personal way and to showcase their work.
Casting professionals can use specifically designed features to assemble the ideal cast for a project and present their ideas to the production company.

As a result, over a time span of 8 years e-TALENTA has grown into one of the leading international casting platforms for finding professional actors and actresses based in Europe.