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Welcome to e-TALENTA

e-TALENTA is the multi-language casting platform which connects professional actors, acting schools and agencies in Europe to casting directors, production companies and directors from all over the world.

  • e-SEARCH >>
    Search for professional actors and casting directors all over Europe on a unique database

  • e-CASTING >>
    Casting directors send out projects with role descriptions. Agents suggest their actors. Actors without agents propose themselves. Auditions can be instantly uploaded.

  • e-PROFILE >>
    Actors can personalize their profiles and present top quality showreels.

  • innovative, quick and easy >>
    e-TALENTA is accessible in English, Italian, German, French, Spanish and Russian and offers cutting-edge solutions for searching, presenting and casting actors in film and tv projects

For more information on our services and subscriptions please refer to your user group on the left. Use this international network as a stage for your artistic success and become a member of e-TALENTA today.

Casting Directors
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